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Help Me!

***For more help join our Facebook Group and message the admin Vang Moua, Kevin Lee or John Galtz.***

For quick help, click the chat button on bottom right corner on the site.

Your account will be deactivated if the system detected that your account have been logged on many times in a specific amount of time.

Please log off every time before you login a different device!!! If you get locked, wait 30 min and the system will unlock you if it detects that no one is no longer login your account anymore.

*****Please note that when you donate to a level…you are donating…you are not buying anything! As incentives for your donations, you are able to access the donation members only movies! There is no refund for  donations! Donate at your own will..*****

***When you cancel your membership, you are only canceling you account at bbm site only…no donation refund will be given back because it is a donation!****

If you can not log in your account, it is because you have 2 or more logins at the same time. You have to logout from the other before you can login. Only 1 login is permitted.

To log out of your account, click account on bbm site and scroll down to the end, you will see “logout”…just click logout!

If all else failed, please clear your browser cache and try again…If you need more help or need a question answer, Join our Facebook Group and asked or message admin in there.

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